What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is something like an artificial dental root screwed into the bone by the odontologist. An artificial crown replacing the dental crown is fixed on its top. The person having dental implants looks and feels as if he/she had the own teeth.

How many implants are necessary?

The number of implants is chosen depending on the number of lost teeth, jawbone where the implants are screwed and clinical situation. It can range from one to eight in one jawbone (no teeth).

Is implantation painful?

The implant screwing procedure is performed under local anaesthesia – i.e., only the region is anesthetized where the implantation procedure will be performed. The procedure itself is really painless. The patient is afraid because these procedures are performed near the eyes, in the most sensitive place of the organism.

How long does an implantation procedure last?

It depends on the situation. A simple implant screwing surgery lasts 20-40 minutes. If the situation is more complicated and extra means are necessary (for example, the amount of bone is too small), the procedure can last longer – for 2-3 hours. The same can be said if more implants are necessary.

How does the patient feel after implantation?

If the implantation was not complicated and extra means were not applied, patients do not usually feel much discomfort and return to their usual rhythm of life immediately after the implantation. If the procedure was more complicated, there is swelling or tumefaction in the place of surgery and sometimes in the face of the patient and it starts decreasing gradually after the second day of surgery. Patients are usually explained about the future postoperative period and warned, they are recommended how to behave after the surgery before the implantation procedure.

Can all people have implants?

Patients with chronic illnesses encounter a bigger risk. Imbalanced diabetes is a dangerous enemy. Implantation is not recommended for tough smokers and, of course, for people with bad mouth care. Proper age is over 17.

What are implants made of?

The most frequent substance is titanium as it is the most bio-tolerant substance. The organism accepts it as its own substance. No reaction of rejection can occur.

Is the reaction of rejection frequent?
The rejection of an implant is a really rare phenomenon. If the preparation for surgery was good, i.e., necessary data was collected, the patient did not hide anything related with his/her medical history and performed the doctor’s indications, the surgery must be successful. Rejected implants only make about 1-2 per cent of all surgeries. I.e., their percentage of success is one of the highest ones from all treatment methods applied in odontology. Only a healthy untreated or slightly damaged tooth is more reliable than an implant.

How long can an implant serve?

There are still discussions among doctors on this issue. Some of them say an implant will serve all life and others indicate up to 10-15 years. It is only clear there are certain changing or ageing processes in the course of life and they both affect implants and the whole organism. Of course, if an illness damages the own teeth, it can also affect an implant. Thus, the doctor’s recommendations to come to the clinic regularly are really useful for the patient and for the doctor who can take certain preventive measures.

When is it possible to start using an implant after surgery?

It depends on the previous clinical situation and chosen surgical technique. It is possible to have a temporary crown after surgery. A constant crown is made after 3-6 months after the implant screwing.

How much is an implant?

The price of an implant including surgery ranges from 2000 to 3500 LTL. The prices are affected by the doctor’s experience and implant system applied (your doctor will advise which implant system should be applied). The price does not include any extra surgeries and substances (the doctor will inform you during the consultation and examination if they are necessary). The price does not include the production of a constant crown which can cost about 1000-2000 LTL (the doctor will advise you which construction should be chosen).

Is it better to make bridge prosthesis?

In order to make bridge prosthesis, at least 2 teeth should be filed. It is certain traumatisation of a tooth and it should be avoided if there are any other ways of solution. The care of bridge prosthesis is more complex – the surfaces are more difficult to reach for cleaning. Bridge prosthesis can also overload the supporting teeth and their service life will decrease to large extent – it causes a bigger problem.

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