Therapeutic dental treatment It is the treatment of caries-damaged teeth or resulting dental complications at the odontologic office. Prosthesis making It is the restoration of badly damaged dental crowns or extracted teeth with the selection of different constructive substances. Periodontologic treatment It is the treatment of the tooth-surrounding tissues. The illness is usually manifested with swelling gums, bleeding while cleaning the teeth and higher dental mobility. The goal of treatment is to prevent the progress of parodontosis and bone melting around the teeth. Orthodontic treatment It is the treatment of occlusion or rectification of individual curved teeth by providing a good aesthetical image and function. Implantation, surgery It is a surgical procedure during which an artificial root is screwed into the place of the absent tooth – it is an implant enabling restoring the lost tooth by using a few implants. Aesthetical restorations These are procedures during which professional odontologists-specialists restore natural dental layers and aesthetics with the help of special filling substances just in one or a few visits. Aesthetical restorations can be made of china (-laminate) characterized by special durability. Mouth cavity hygiene If impurities are not cleaned enough, they cause gums illnesses which are mostly manifested with bleeding or swelling gums, brighter purple colour and sensitivity of teeth and gums. During the mouth hygiene, the impurities will be cleaned, your teeth will be polished and you will be helped to choose a proper toothbrush, paste and other necessary means. Dental whitening A dental whitening procedure can be performed at home with the help of individual protections or at the odontologic clinic with the help of special means. The substance applied as a whitener is hydrogen or carbamide peroxide of different concentrations.

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